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Computación de Alto Rendimiento

High Performance Computing

Technology for data analysis that requires high computing capacity to develop modeling and computer simulation of very complex problems.

Infraestructura TIC

ICT infrastructure

We can deploy the infrastructure of Information and Communication Technologies of your company. We have a reliable and secure network that allows us to provide Cloud Computing solutions, telepresence and anchoring to a selective communications platform.



We guarantee the safe and efficient use of ICTs based on the needs of IT development in terms of Information and Communication Technologies Security.



A software will make your work easier and more pleasant. We identify your problems and needs and create a customized IT solution. In addition, we provide tools helping you manage key business processes.

Vigilancia e Inteligencia

Surveillance and Intelligence

Recuperamos información para su procesamiento y análisis que permitan generar informes especializados, boletines temáticos con datos organizados y clasificados que favorecerán el proceso de toma de decisiones.

Servicios Técnicos

Technical services

We take care of the installation and configuration of parts, pieces, accessories and computer equipment, their repair and maintenance. We also provide technological solutions for security and protection, weak current networks and uninterrupted power generation systems (UPS).


Get to know closely what we do; check our professionalism and dedication. We show you the experiences in the deployment of our services and products.

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