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About us

"We are a young, innovative and dynamic company that supports the Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and third parties"


About us

We provide services, products and solutions related to Information and Communication Technology to Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We are a young, innovative, technological, and dynamic company. Our staff has high professional qualification. We have training policies and national and international certifications, which allow us to provide services of a high technical level and proven efficiency to our customers.

ETI manages the collaborative digital network of the Cuban biopharmaceutical sector (Red BIO). It also organizes international Meeting on Management Systems for Information and Communication Technologies (SIGESTIC) offering facilities to knowledge socialization and technical cooperation.

Currently, we are subordinate to the BioCubaFarma Business Group.

What we want to achieve?

We want to be more competitive and to satisfy stakeholder needs and expectations. To provide distinctive innovative solutions in order to become us a benchmark in the information and communication technology sector





ETI was the first company in Cuba to achieve innovation management system international certification.

We hold the UNE 166006:2018,UNE 166002:2014, NC:1307:2020 and NC 1308:2020 certifications.

Our objective is to find innovative solutions through ideas generation and the efficient management of projects for the continuous introduction of new products and services on the market. In this way, we facilitate the solution to customer problems and the fulfillment of our goals. “We don´t stop innovating with fresh ideas in order to grow all together”


Constant motivation through participation, professional growth and continuous improvement of working conditions lead to guaranteed satisfaction, a full commitment and a high sense of belonging.

We are committed to a set of values that guide each worker in their interaction between them and with our clients.

Driven forward by its values, ETI has committed itself to provide with a better service and fulfill customer expectations. Only in this way, we will be able to materialize their aspirations.


Our business model is according to on sense of responsibility. We are responsible for knowing what our clients need to satisfy them. We pay special attention to the professional development and well-being of our team, promoting a positive work environment.

The fulfillment of the agreements with our strategic alliances and collaborating partners occupy special attention.

Equipo de Dirección

  • Raúl de la Nuez Morales Director General de la Empresa de Tecnologías de la Información. ETI

    Raúl de la Nuez Morales

    • Adail Sariego Mazpule Director Adjunto de la Empresa de Tecnologías de la Información ETI

      Adail Sariego Mazpule

      Deputy Director
      • Aurora Pérez Rodríguez Directora Económica de la Empresa de Tecnologías de la Información ETI

        Aurora Pérez Rodríguez

        Economic Director
      • Kadir Marrero Martínez

        Kadir Marrero Martínez

        Logistics Director
      • Graciela Calvo Segura Directora Capital Humano

        Graciela Calvo Segura

        Human Capital Director
      • Gema Cossío Cárdenas Intelligence and Process Management Director

        Gema Cossío Cárdenas

        Intelligence and Process Management Director
      • Lázara Mairen Jiménez Ruiz Commercial and Business Director

        Lázara Mairen Jiménez Ruiz

        Commercial and Business Director
      •   Ernesto Martín Sánchez Hechevarría División Infraestructura y Comunicaciones

        Ernesto Martín Sánchez Hechevarría

        ICT Division Director
      • Anabeisy Pérez González

        Anabeisy Pérez González

        Director of Software Development Division
      • Andrei Silva Chtchikotolina Foreign Trade Director

        Andrei Silva Chtchikotolina

        Foreign Trade Director
      • María Carla Silveira Taboadela

        María Carla Silveira Taboadela

        Cybersecurity Division Director
      • Roberto Santos Gómez

        Roberto Santos Gómez

        Technical Services Division Director