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The Management and workers of the Information Technology Company are committed to implementing, documenting, maintaining and continuously improving an Integrated Quality Management, Innovation and Surveillance and Intelligence System through the harmonious combination of workers' skills, their behavior ethical in accordance with their shared and desired values, the effective management of risks and opportunities, the execution of the processes necessary for the generation of innovative products, services and solutions in IT and Communications, supported by the use of Surveillance and Intelligence, taking into consideration the strategic direction of the company, in accordance with the vision and R&D&I strategy, in such a way that the requirements, needs and expectations of customers and other relevant interested parties are met, guaranteeing its satisfaction and considering the applicable legal and regulatory aspects.


Provision of services associated with engineering technologies, technical projects, including supplies of information technologies, automation and telecommunications. Marketing of computer and communications systems, as well as equipment, materials, supplies, parts and aggregates of information, telecommunications and automatic technologies.

Technical and Research, Development and Innovation projects in the area of Information Technologies in terms of software development, engineering, automation, telecommunications infrastructure and cybersecurity. Provision of surveillance and intelligence services and products through: market studies, strategic profiles, technological and commercial trend studies, state-of-the-art studies, environmental monitoring and newsletters, meeting the requirements of interested parties.

All the requirements established in UNE EN ISO 9001:2015, NC ISO 9001:2015, UNE 166002:2021, NC 1307:2022, UNE 166006:2018 and NC 1308:2019 apply.

Internal and external issues determined as part of the analysis of the organizational context and the requirements of the relevant stakeholders identified are considered for understanding their needs and expectations


Consolidate an innovative culture with a collaborative approach based on the generation and use of valuable knowledge that guarantees the provision of excellent services and the generation of comprehensive solutions aimed at sustainability and corporate resilience; in order to contribute to the national leadership and outsourcing of the company.


  • Consolidate activities linked to R&D&I in order to increase the innovative culture and creativity in the organization's human capital, promoting the generation of ideas with value that serve as a boost to sustainable development and achieve competitive advantages.

  • Promote the development of innovation capabilities and competencies in the organization, managing the knowledge that guarantees the use of trained human capital.

  • Monitor the organizational environment through the creation of information products that allow the identification of opportunities, technological development and support for decision making, facilitating the generation of comprehensive solutions and the provision of excellent services.

  • Promote intra- and extra-institutional collaboration that complements the company's capabilities for the incorporation of new technologies, products and services.



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